Herm Sprenger Fursaver 47cm

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Herm Sprenger Fursaver Chrome 47cm Dog Collar, available in Stainless Steel, Chrome, Black Coated Stainless Steel, fursavers, Herm sprenger check chains

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Herm Sprenger Fursaver 47cm | Medium Long Links 3.0MM Check Chain | Stainless Steel

Additionally the Herm Sprenger Fursaver 47cm, medium long Links and long links are part of our Fursaver range.

It is still used as a check chain collar in the normal manner, however the long and shaped links mean it is less likely to catch in the dogs coat making it a very popular choice for the long haired dog.

The Medium Long Links Fursavers in 3mm check chains are the one of our medium, slightly heavier sizes available.

While the 3mm chains are the one of our heavier sizes available. Suitable for both medium and large dog breeds these chains are often used for dog training and by the everyday dog owner.

About the finish:

  • Stainless Steel (solid) chains, though more expensive than our normal steel range, our stainless steel chains are better suited to dogs that live in coastal areas or spend a lot of time in the water.
  • Normal steel will become dull, and, especially with time spent in saltwater, will roughen the plating and become rusty. Stainless Steel also has a higher breaking load producing greater security and longer life.

All Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel chains are marked with a metal label and a shiny red point with HS-GERMANY in the middle, along with HS-GERMANY INOX stamped on the rings.

Important note: For those who have not used Check, not chock Chains before, it is always recommended to contact and seek assistance from your local dog trainer before using this training tool with your dog.

Link Thickness

Link Length Long Link

Chain Length

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  • Decades of experience in manufacturing, huge market knowledge and the cooperation with experts from the branches dog sport
  • Professionals, medicine and research provide our basis for a product-development that sets international benchmarks.
  • The high and reliable quality of Herm Sprenger – products .
  • Measure around the largest part of your dog’s head, then add 5cms. Select the chain size that is equal to or larger than this measurement. Chain sizes are based on overall length from the end-of-the-ring to end-of-the-ring. Length is approximate to within 1.27cm.


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