Herm Sprenger Jute Tug

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Herm Sprenger Jute Tug Dog Bite/Tug Training Tool with 2 Handles for Training, Interactive Play. Add to cart · Made in Germany – Leather Dog Bite

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Herm Sprenger  Jute Tug  | Dog Bite Training Tool with 2 Handles for Training, Interactive Play

Herm Sprenger Jute Tug Biting surface is very tough but also soft, to keep the dog’s teeth safe;

Additionally, jute material fibers clean dog’s teeth naturally Natural and Healthy: The surface of the toy is tightly woven jute, strong and durable, but also soft to canine teeth;

This dog toy has 2 handles for control and stability while interacting with your pet;

Sprenger Jute tug includes: handles at both ends of the tug.

Tug is made of durable yet soft nylon for strong and secure grip.

  • Note: Not a Chew Toy:
  • no toy is indestructible;
  • Tug toys are stimulating dog toys meant only for interactive tugging between you and your dog, or for training;
  • This is not a chew toy
  • Size available – Large – Length: 38cm -Width: 10cm – Handles Strap length: 16cm
  • The tug toy is suitable for exercise, interaction, fetch, and dog training;
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities Durable Bite Pillow:
  • Made of the high-quality premium jute;
Sprenger Dog sports
Sprenger – We are the partner for dog and owner!

No compromises in terms of quality, assortment and cooperations!

Decades of experience in manufacturing, huge market knowledge and the cooperation with experts from the branches dog sport professionals, medicine and research provide our basis for a product-development that sets international benchmarks.

How do you train a dog to use a tug toy?
Add the “tug” cue right before you present the tug toy, saying “tug” or “take,” and then presenting the toy. Tug with your dog a little, say your release cue, and click and reward after your dog lets go. Do this 5-10 times in several locations and then say “all done,” and put the toy away.

Measure around the largest part of your dog’s head, then add 5cms. Select the chain size that is equal to or larger than this measurement. Chain sizes are based on overall length from the end-of-the-ring to end-of-the-ring. Length is approximate to within 1.27cm.


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