Klin Bite Pillow

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Klin Bite Pillow has 3 handle grip pillow with padding is ideal for working dogs who need to build confidence and encourage a full and hard grip.

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Klin Bite Pillow has three handled bite work pillow-strong

Working dog Bite Work – Train like a pro with the Klin Bite Pillow – Jute Covered Bite Pad extra padding from ABC Sport Klin.

Designed for dog sport handlers of all levels, this bite pad offers a sturdy and durable construction, perfect for bite training and building your dog’s bite strength.

Whether you’re a seasoned handler or just starting out, this bite pad is an essential tool for any serious dog sport enthusiast.

Order now and take your training to the next level!

With this bite wedge, you can bring the dog to a “pull position”,.

  • Which encourages the dog to win and get stronger.
  • Suitable for medium sized dogs.
  • This hard grip work and is made in Jute with two handles as well as the middle handle strap,
  • This 3 handle grip pillow with padding is ideal for working dogs who need to build confidence,  encourageing a full and hard grip.
  • Ideal for target training and to learn to strike for a full bite.
  • Alternatively attaching a long line so your dog can learn to work dogs in prey.
  • Comes in either soft or hard variations.
Adequate for the training of all K9’s in all kinds of K9-sports. Klin Bite Wedge and Pillow are VERY sturdy bite pillow. Working on drive and continuous bite work for canines.

Bite Pillows and Wedge are not chew toy


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