Leather Slip Leash 8mm


Waudog Soft Leather Slip Leash 8mm SOFTENED LEATHER — Not one but two layers of softened leather are what makes this leash truly special and luxurious.


Waudog Soft Leather Slip Leash 8mm

Waudog Leather Slip Leash 8mm – Genuine leather of the highest quality Resistance for all weather conditions Nylon cord inside A great choice for long-haired dogs Slip-leash helps to control the pet A round slip-leash is perfect for everyday walking and for training. The slipknot squeezes tightly the dogs neck when he moves forward fast.

When the dog stops pulling the leash, the slipknot increases its size and stops tightening the neck. The slip-leash does not cut and damage the dogs hair.

Soft series are bright, provocative, charming leashes. They attract peoples attention. It is a great choice for ones who like everything new and elegant. The leash of Soft Series looks more like a fashion accessory than accoutrements. At the same time it has high strength and all weather conditions resistance. It can serve for you for a long period of time, if you will use it carefully.

  • Colours Available in Black or Brown
  • Width sizes 8mm
  • Length 183cm
  • SOFTENED LEATHERSOFTENED LEATHER — Not one but two layers of softened leather are what makes this leash truly special and luxurious.GENUINE LEATHERGENUINE LEATHER — Our pets deserve the finest leather! We use high-quality, soft, smooth, and extremely durable leather for our Soft leash. It will look like new for a very long time bringing you joy every day.CREATED TO LASTCREATED TO LAST — To make sure your Soft leash really serves you a long life, we do more than just choose durable leather. We also use a heavy-duty thread to stitch the edges together, and meticulously check every single collar for any flaws.
  • The Soft leash by WAUDOG is made of genuine softened leather that is a pure joy to hold in hand. We designed this soft leather dog leash with your comfort in mind to make your walks more enjoyable.


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