Mendota Small Clip Leash/4ft

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Mendota Pet Products Small Clip Leash, Shop the best leash and leads, snap leads for your pet at Mendota Pet USA. Our braided snap lead are soft on the hands


Mendota Small Clip Leash/4ft

Looking for a clip leash that will make every outing with your furry friend a joy? Look no further than the Mendota Pet Small Snap Leash/4ft! These British-made Mendota Clip leashes are the perfect addition to your treat adventure gear, whether you’re going for a walk or doing some training work.

Crafted from waterproof, strong solid braid multi-filament UV coated polypropylene rope, these leads are built to last. And with a soft, luxurious feel that’s comfortable on your hands, you won’t want to put them down!

Plus, they’re easy to fold and fit in your pocket. At 10mm (3/8 inch) in diameter and 1.2m (4 foot) in length, these snap leads are the perfect size for all types of canine activity. Whether you’re going for a leisurely stroll or tackling a full leash course, the Mendota Snap Leash has got you covered. And if you’re looking to take your pup’s style to the next level, be sure to mix and match with our double-braided collars.

Trust us, your furry friend will thank you! So why wait?

Get your Mendota Snap Leash today and experience the joy of every outing with your dog. Shop Mendota pet products now and find the perfect clip leash, leads and leash for your furry friend!

Hand made in the USA (for dogs 50 pounds & under) 3/8 inch x 4 foot (10mm x 1.2m)

Colours available: Red | Blue | Black | Hunter Green | Camo | Orange | Purple | Hot Pink | Salt and Pepper | Kelly Green | Pink Camo | Tricolour Ivy | Tricolour Lilac | Tricolour Harvest | Tricolour Pride | Tricolour Sunset | Tricolour Starbright | Twist Mocha |Twist Seafoam | Twist Pink Chocolate | Twist Taffy | Twist Woodlands | Twist Artic Blue | Diamond Amber | Diamond Amethyst | Diamond Jade |Diamond Sapphire | Diamond Sandstone | Black Ice Red | Black Ice Raspberry | Black Ice Turquoise | Black Ice Yellow | Black Ice Purple | Black Ice Silver.

Mendota Pet Products USA
Mendota Pet has been a trusted name in pet products since 1994. And our snap leash is just one example of the care and quality we put into everything we make.
Don’t settle for a cheap, flimsy leash – choose Mendota’s clip leash for the ultimate in style and functionality. Try our leads and leash today and experience the Mendota difference!


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