Sprenger Leather Bite Tug

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Herm Sprenger Leather bite Tug is for all dogs, Sprenger bite tug range of tug toys with various biting surfaces, for the Novice to the Professional Trainer

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Herm Sprenger Leather Bite Tug Dog Toy – Leather Training Tool – 1 handle

The Herm Sprenger Leather Bite Tug dog toy is suitable for exercise, interaction, fetch, and dog training; Sprenger bite tug range of tug toys with various biting surfaces, for the Novice to the Professional Trainer

Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. Training, Interactive Play, Tough Tug of War, for Small, Medium,  Large Breeds.

Sprenger Leather Tug toy, can promote impulse control, build confidence, and strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners. It’s an activity that taps into natural drives, making it a motivational, reinforcing, and high-value training tool.

It is the ultimate reward for a job well done and good behavior, the leather tug toy is used in all disciplines.

This leather toy with soft padding is ideal for small and middle dogs and puppies.

When your dog has the toy in his mouth, engage him in a gentle game of tug.

Leather Dog Training Tool – 1 handle

Size Medium – Length: 24cm x 8cm

Sprenger Dog sports
Sprenger – We are the partner for dog and owner!

No compromises in terms of quality, assortment and co-operations!

Decades of experience in manufacturing, huge market knowledge and the cooperation with experts from the branches dog sport professionals, medicine and research provide our basis for a product-development that sets international benchmarks.

How do you train a dog to use a tug toy?
Add the “tug” cue right before you present the tug toy, saying “tug” or “take,” and then presenting the toy. Tug with your dog a little, say your release cue, and click and reward after your dog lets go. Do this 5-10 times in several locations and then say “all done,” and put the toy away.

Measure around the largest part of your dog’s head, then add 5cms. Select the chain size that is equal to or larger than this measurement. Chain sizes are based on overall length from the end-of-the-ring to end-of-the-ring. Length is approximate to within 1.27cm.


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