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ZippyPaws is a designer dog toy brand that offers an assortment of one-of-a-kind interactive dog toys, including hide-and-seek puzzle games for dog


Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz – plush dog toys

Enhance your dog’s playtime experience with the Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz Dog Toy Pack. These adorable plush toys, featuring a fox, raccoon, and squirrel, will keep your furry friend entertained for hours on end. With their high-quality squeakers, these toys deliver an irresistible sound that will captivate your pet’s attention. Made with durability in mind, these toys are built to withstand rough play and ensure long-lasting fun. The Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz Dog Toy Pack is the perfect addition to your dog’s toy collection, providing endless entertainment and joy. Invest in your pet’s happiness today!Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz Dog Toy | Fox | Raccoon | Squirrel – Small/Large – Pack of 3 toys

  • Zippy Paws Skinny Peltz – FUN CHARACTERS – Dogs will have hours of fun playing with 3 adorable woodland creatures such as the fox, raccoon, and squirrel
  • EXCLUSIVE NOISEMAKERS – Each large toy includes 3 high-quality round squeakers to deliver more sound to keep your best friend entertained
  • DURABLE TOYS – Skinny Peltz dog toys contain no stuffing to ensure they last longer for a mess-free fun both for you and your pup
  • This fun filled plush set is
    • Small 15″ 38cm long, the perfect size for small dogs of all life stages.
    • Large 19″ 48cm long. Packs of 3.

 Zippy Paws USA

From a dog friendly office to birthday parties for our pups, we don’t just love dogs. We think of them as our family. It’s how we are able to put such care and devotion into the creation of our toys.
Zippy Paws’ own dogs are our first line of quality assurance. If it’s not good enough for our own, it’s not good enough for yours.

Made by Zippy Paws, a trusted brand in small dog toys, the Loopy Hedgehog is built to last. It’s a durable toy that will provide endless entertainment for your furry friend.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and engaging toy for your pet, the Zippy Paws is the perfect choice. Order yours today and watch your furry friend go wild!



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