Herm Sprenger Grooming Rake

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Herm Sprenger Grooming Rake, available in Stainless Steel, Chrome, Black Coated Stainless Steel, fursavers, Martingales and dog toys.

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This Herm Sprenger Grooming Rake is a great addition to any family who has dogs they need to keep “tidy”. Running this through your dogs coat is painless and effective for removing loose hair!

  • The purpose of a Herm Sprenger Grooming Rake is to remove the dead undercoat and stimulate the skin. The grooming rake will release oils back into the coat, you will be blown away.
  • How much hair this rake takes out painlessly from your dogs coat, and how shiny your dogs coat becomes with regular use.

Size 155 x 110 mm

  • made of high quality steel with antistatic coating
  • ideal for removing undercoat
  • comfortable handle shape for a nice and secure grip

Sprenger Dog sports

Herm Sprenger – We are the partner for dog and owner!
    • No compromises in terms of quality, assortment and co-operations!
    • Decades of experience in manufacturing, huge market knowledge and the cooperation with experts from the branches dog sport
    • Professionals, medicine and research provide our basis for a product-development that sets international benchmarks.
    • The high and reliable quality of Herm Sprenger – products .
    • Decades of experience, a great deal of market knowledge and the collaboration with professionals from the fields of sport, medicine and research establishes the basis for the development of Sprenger products which set international standards.The NECK-TECH SPORT represents a viable alternative for the standard ULTRA-PLUS training collars.
    • How do you measure a Herm Sprenger chain collar?
      Measure around the largest part of your dog’s head, then add 5cms. Select the chain size that is equal to or larger than this measurement. Chain sizes are based on overall length from the end-of-the-ring to end-of-the-ring. Length is approximate to within 1.27cm.
      So why settle for anything less than the best? Choose Herm Sprenger for all your chain collar needs and experience the difference in quality and reliability. Shop our range of Herm Sprenger products today, including our top-selling check chains, and give your furry friend the best!


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